Tired of a Scammer called Ruben Isidro (Ruben_AE86)

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Tired of a Scammer called Ruben Isidro (Ruben_AE86)

Mensagempor RoMaNo93 » domingo ago 11, 2013 11:42 pm

Boas boites a todos.

First of all I´m gonna apologize for speaking in English, but my portuguese is not fluid enough for me to write the whole text.

You might have seen some post of me on this forum, asking Ruben Isidro (Ruben_AE86) to refund me the money (55€) I paid him back in December 2011 for 2 Revell BMWs that I never received, and although he "tried" to avoid consequences in public, talking to me in May 2012 via private message, he finally dissapeared till this week, when I found him again running a Facebook page that "steals" pictures from other pages and users, and post them without permission and/or crediting the builders of the models shared, but that´s another issue... I am here to warn you, you might be "safe" being Portuguese too, but this guy tends to get the money and run when dealing with people outside your frontiers.

So, summing it up, I paid for some models an "important" quantity of money (trade was made in forum.spc.co.uk) and with the "excuse" that another user in this forum who he was supposed to buy the models from never gave him the models (this might be true, but doesn´t allow him to keep my money leaving me without money and models...) he stop answering my messages or texts so no further news from him until I joined this forum asking my money back, tired of his lies and runs (so no news from 1st week of January 2012 till May 2012 when I registered...), and calling him LADRÃO. In that moment, Ruben appeared saying nothing more than cheap excuses, saying he were gonna pay me, and as i was a dumbass, I believed him, and then, a pair of weeks later, as usual, he stopped answering, and "dissapeared" for a while... No further news, nor even when I sent some messages to Facebook, to here, and to his mail... Until this week, when after a few failed tries, he hasnt answered yet...

So I´d like to say a few things:

1. DON´T THINK THIS GUY IS LIKE YOU BELIEVE HE IS, he is a Scammer, and I was too dumb to trust him, when he STOLE 55€ from me.
2. If you ever have an issue, you better GO AND FIND HIM in Porto, or he´ll "disappear"...
3. I haven´t given up, I WANT my 55€ back, I don´t give a fuck about if the other guy failed at sending, or stole you too, it´s not my issue, mine was a deal with you, and although you got MY MONEY, I NEVER got MY MODELS that I paid and are actually MINE.
4. I see him making a lot of deals, so the excuse he gave me in May 2012 saying "I´m in some bad times, I have no money" is not accepted right now, as via your "Dishonest" FB page I´ve seen you´ve sold X models at Y prices (f.e that Delorean on 65€), so from those 65€, you can pay me my 55€... =D>

Now, let´s see if this coward appears and faces his problems, as said I´m not giving up...

I was gonna say "Sorry if I disturb you", but I don´t think I´m disturbing, but making a public service, alerting from a SCAMMER that can STEAL your money...

Muito Obrigado for watching this, and have a great night.

Kind regards, Jaime Romano Torre.

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Registado: terça mai 22, 2012 10:21 pm

Re: Tired of a Scammer called Ruben Isidro (Ruben_AE86)

Mensagempor RoMaNo93 » quarta jun 04, 2014 2:49 pm

Bump on this one... 10 Months later, and after being blocked from his Facebook page, where he steals pics from other modelers and posts them as if they were his work without credit and/or tagging real owner, here I am... Only Empty promises from this FUCKTARD, buen trabajo Ruben... =D>

Still no money, still no kits... But with more info of YOU Ruben... It's not necessary to be a hacker or to know much about computers to get all the info I do have from you...


Atentamente, Jaime Romano Torre.

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